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And there are 2 throat that come to mind forsuremax and Keiran! I love watching the both of them try to gobble down all of my meat!

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I love showing off and filming myself while I'm having sex to share with you. I met this guy and his fantasy was to be filmed sucking. It drove him crazy to feel that the phone was pointed at him while he had my big cock in his mouth and was devoting himself to it. He loved it, and of course it turned him on even more to know that it was going to be posted online and that lots of guys would be jerking off while watching it.

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This guy isn't my fuck buddy for nothing: he's as addicted to sex as I am and always ready for new experiences. Here he is, ready to suck a guy's dick while the guy's driving. A dom guy who let him do some good to his cock. Obviously the guy's used to doing this because he's got a hard-on like crazy but never loses attention behind the wheel. He's very comfortable. And my buddy loved filming himself being a a true cocksucker in the car.

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This regular partner has a talent that drives me crazy: he's the king of ass rimming ! When he sticks his tongue up my bum, he makes me moan and wants to get fucked. I was all wet and his big cock went in on its own. He was able to go all the way: my ass was thirsty after that mouthful foreplays. Being well prepared for a hole is the best way to make sure that, as a bottom, you give it your all.

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I went to this porn addicted dude house. He thought sex in real life was always less hot than in videos. I decided to give him a memorable blowjob. I think he'd just never had a really good blowjob before. He rediscovered the pleasure of blowjobs with me. I swallowed him whole, and he felt his long cock getting well and truly sucked. And of course he got to cum all over me and let loose.

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What's better than a good cocksucker? A cocksucker who likes to be filmed! Here are two of my favorite bottom cocksuckers in action. Every time I meet them, I know I'm going to love it, because they're going to suck me deep with their obedient horny look, and they're going to let loose in front of my camera. Getting fucked or swallowed is always an option, anything's possible. It feels good to cum with guys without pride.

Live my life as a gay cum addict

There are times when all I think about is sex. That's the case right now. For the past week I've been shooting a lot of gay porn and fucking hard! I started out filming guys sucking each other's dicks in a car for my website and that made me want to suck too. I then found myself surrounded by 3 cocks! Then I got a gay breeding by a guy. Then I took another guy's cum in my mouth. And I kept filming guys cumming too. A whirlwind of gay fucking!

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Guess what I did all weekend? You know me: I spent Saturday and Sunday sucking dicks and swallowing cum. Look at that! First I went to a guy who put me directly at the service of his dick and pushed me to suck it fast and swallow it all. Then another guy was more in quiet mode and let me show him my skills. With my mouth and hands I made him go wild. I was well fed.

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As two beings can be made for each other, some big cocks seem to be made to fuck some hungry ass. Such is the case with these two. I watched these guys fucking in an abandoned car park and filmed it, and I must admit, I got a serious hard-on. The top guy had a thick, sublime cock that perfectly penetrated the bottom guy's greedy ass, making him look like he was sucking it. All I wanted was to see the cock buried deep inside!

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This very sexy black guy invited me for a day of gay sex. He blindfolded himself with his cap and wanted to experiment. Not seeing anything heightened his senses tenfold and made him super horny. He loved the feeling when I jerked both our cocks together and when I made him suck me off. He was so turned on that all of a sudden he turned me around and fucked my ass hard and still without seeing anything!

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When it's the weekend many gays feel they need cum. Here are some juicy shots. The first with a twink we filmed with a buddy. He was so horny to be filmed sucking two big cocks. He let go and we let go of our cum on his little ass. All this made me want to suck too and I didn't hold back! Then I ended up breeding a new bottom. Give and take, that's the cycle of life!

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A straightforward guy like I like: this guy invited me to his place, straightforward hookup, he was waiting for me on the sofa and all I had to do was get between his thighs and worship him. He didn't gave me any consideration, he just used me as a cock pump and I did my best to get him hard and try to drain all his cum. It still turns me on to just be treated like a good cum dump.