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I love big cocks and big cocks love me. Here are two bj hookups and once again I gave my best to get the cum. The first guy was sitting with his legs apart, waiting for me to give him a good deep suck. The second one was more playful and wanted me to feel him up before I swallowed everything.

I wait for you on my knees

I love this kind of hookups : the guy arrives at my place and I wait for him on my knees. He pulls out his cock and I suck him directly without talking. I do all my best to get his cum. I have a lot of experience at sucking dicks, my mouth has no bottom and I love to swallow. This guy used my mouth well to get all his cum out and I didn't lose a drop.

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I love long, curvy dicks, they are so delicious. This bad boy made me come in his car to suck his and I had a blast! A perfect dom dude to worship.

Dick is the best view

Another weekend of cock sucking. I went to a guy's place who lived on the top floor with a great view of the city but all I wanted to see was his big cock. It was so long and so good, I enjoyed sucking it all over and it made me want to take more cocks all night long.

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This dominant and gruff straight guy took me as a sub for the weekend. I had to wait naked and blindfolded in the dark for him to come and use my mouth. He received friends, he made his life and as soon as he wanted to get a blowjob he showed up and I had to get to work. A very perverse domination that turned me on a lot.

Games with an obedient gay

This young sexy gay guy is well submissive and obedient. He is crazy about my cock and loves to play with me. I blindfolded him, made him suck my dick and we did a wanking competition. He enjoyed it and it was really hot to jerk off in front of me and to watch me jerk off at the same time. We didn't know which one of us was going to spray the other with his cum first.

Guys and cum

Another nice weekend of cumming all over the place. I filled the ass of a good bottom and then I continued to meet people to suck dicks and jerk off. We are all the same, we love to squirt and all means are good. With your hands, with a mouth or with an ass: so many ways to come ! I practice them all.

Feel the cock

2 gay hookups just for you! In the first one I dominate a blindfolded guy and in the second one I suck guys with another sub in a sexclub. First fuck : a white dude who really wanted to feel my cock. When you are blindfolded you focus on the sensations so I put my brief on his face and made him suck my dick and fucked him. Then I went to a sexclub where two hung guys were waiting to get their dicks sucked. Another mate and I got down on our knees and let loose.

Obsessed with his dick - 45 min

There is nothing hotter than a guy with a beautiful cock, who is dominant and proud. This guy had me staring at his big cock for hours while he jerked off! He had a way of tapping it while moaning that drove me crazy. And he turned out to be a very big cummer. That's all it took for me to get horny and have a lot of sex all weekend.

He loves gay edging, so do I

Dedicating yourself to a cock, caressing it, jerking it off, making it stay hard and feeling the cum rising. Gay edging is so exciting. This guy invited me for that. To film him while I was edging his beautiful cock. I thought it was so hot, he was moaning while being in my hands.

I can't live without sucking dicks

When I've told to this good fella that I can't live without sucking dicks, I've got his attention immediately. Straight guys are so hot ! You only need to tell them how good sucker you are, they immediately want to test your skills. So, now I'm sucking this good dick and realy enjoy my evening.

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We met in the street, and in his eyes I immediately saw that he wanted my big black cock. 5 minutes later we were at his place. The guy gave me a good blowjob, I rubbed my big cock on his ass, we jerked each other off... the thrill! I love those kinds of sneaky encounters on the street. It's one of the best booty calls ever. And the guy obviously has a fetish for big black dicks. I love it!