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I can't work, I need to suck a cock

Maybe it's already happened to you: you need to work but you can't because you're overcome by the urge to suck a good cock. I couldn't take it anymore, so I took a break. The only way I could concentrate again was to give in to temptation. I met this guy with a big dick who had balls full of semen, I quickly went over to his place, got down on my knees and enjoyed myself. He fucked my mouth hard and spurted on me, I was sated and could go home and work.

Giving cum to this twink

This afternoon I wanted to feed an obedient twink with my cum. I found this guy, blindfolded him and put him at the service of my big juicy cock. I fucked his mouth good and hard and let him feel the force of my rod then once I felt the cum rise I had him open his mouth and release all the milk into it. He loved the taste.

Play well with your hands and I'll fill your mouth

This dominant guy had warned me: his big cock and his big glans have to be earned. To get him in my mouth I had to play with my hands, jerk him off and give him a good gay edging. Only once he was satisfied with my jerk-off technique did he fuck my throat and frankly it was worth the effort: it was so good and juicy in the mouth, a real treat!

I love big gay twinks dicks

I'm in a period where gay twinks make me a hard. I spent my weekend cumming with beautiful, big-cocked twinks. Some had great fun with my dick and others made me very greedy with their huge cum-filled cocks. Duos or threesome : I had lots of good, fresh cum with guys who were really cute, soft and always hard!

When he offers to share me

I went to suck a very handsome dom guy and he liked how I sucked him and offered to share me with his buddies. I said yes right away and these two guys showed up. They were super doms, they really treated me like a cum dump and I was wetting my ass so hard! I've never sucked so much while drooling and I was fucked hard. They had a dark, hard, dominant look that was so hot.

Impossible to resist a large glans

This guy had me unwrap his dick and he had a nice big wet glans. How could I not want to jerk him off and extract his cum? I was so horny to see this big mushroom delivering his sauce. It whetted my appetite and I went to suck another guy to get a good dose of milk.

Come and film my big glans

This guy contacted me and offered me to come and film him jerking off at his place. He promised me he had a big, juicy glans, and he wasn't lying! I couldn't look away from his dick, I was fascinated, and he has a way of getting his milk flowing. I might as well tell you that I really, really wanted to give him a blowjob and swallow his cum.

I introduce my buddy to a dom

This very good buddy of mine confessed to me that he fantasized about my videos and that one day he too would like to become a cum dump in a porn. I introduced him to a dom top. A big straight-looking bro with a big fat cock. My buddy couldn't resist him, he's so hot. So here he is, worshipping his dick in front of my camera. He let loose more and more, especially as soon as the dom started fucking him on all fours. He was having the time of his life, I'd never heard him moan like that...

He's driving me crazy with his wanking video

It's an unstoppable technique for making any bottom gay guy hungry: send him a sex video in cock-proud / dominant mode. This long-haired guy sent me this video to warm me up, and he more than succeeded! First of all, he's sexy, but you've got to see him play with his dick and comment on it in his deep voice... When you see that, you just want to empty his balls to the max.

A life on my knees

I could spend my life on my knees sucking big dicks. I love being on the floor and contemplating a big hard dick and starting to play with it. My mouth has become a real sucker over time. That's all I'd like to do all day: drain, worship cock and drink hot milk non-stop!

Share my holes with your community

I met this dominant top guy on social networks. He wanted to film me and show me off to his community while I was busy with his cock. When you put a dom guy with a hard-on and a camera in his hand in front of me, it gets me all horny ! He filmed it in POV, which will really make everyone feel like they're in his shoes, watching me suck his cock and then take it up my ass. Great moment.

It's so good to swallow cock

If a gay man dares to tell you he doesn't like having a dick in his mouth, he's a liar! We all like it, let's face it. Swallowing a good cock is life ! And that's why this weekend I met again a guy and we sucked each other for hours. I enjoyed it indeed. But when I left his place I was still hungry! So I went to empty a guy's balls in a basement.