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So many of you ask "where do u find all these straight dudes to keep around?" Well if you want a straight dude around, get a big screen tv and GTA 5 and he will never leave your house! Matt loves to play GTA then watch porn then fuck my throat or my ass. Not particularly in that order. Sometimes he will sit there and play for hours while I ride his dick or swallow all his nut! We have been pretty snowed in these last few days. Snow just won't stop coming so we are gonna plan a trip south. Any other young hung fit white dudes with full balls that U wanna unload. Message us on here. He loves to watch me get used by other dudes.

I wonder if Hungarians have their name for a reason? I met this discreet Hungarian bro on grindr. He lives up in Qeens and I had to travel hella far to meet him. His girl friend was out of town so he was free to fuck ass while she was gone. Luckily for me I had an ass he could fuck. He also had seen my porn and wanted to see himself fucking me in the site. Which made me question his "gf" story. But he had this huge dick that I couldn't say no to and I'm always happy to share any breeding session with you guys. He didn't want to fuck in the house for some reason. So we had to fuck right outside the door off the street. We could see the very tops of people's heads walking by. His dick felt so fucking amazing. A thick 9 inches of raw uncut dick overflowing my hole with all that Arian spunk. I loved it!! You guys will too!!

This guy used to do laundry on Sunday's just like me. He never said much and Id basically just watch his dick swing in these thin runner shorts he wears all the time to the laundry room. He's always free balling it. One day somehow he found out I was moving. And said it was a shame we never got to have a drink and hang out. Apparently he lives right above me! And I immediately knew he's had to hear every loud fuck session I've had. Lol. He says out of the blue "Hey I've never fucked a dude before but I love getting my dick sucked. And I've seen you suck dick online.

So this was one of those days where I couldn’t keep my mouth or my ass off dick. I also couldn’t keep my dick off ass! LOL! Anyway, the day started with Austin. I had to sneak his dick at first till we made our way to the house. Once we got there it was on! he fucked my mouth and my ass and I left his hole gaping! And once I was done there Xander wanted to use me too! So stay tuned for that :-)

it's so hot to see a wet mouth appear from out of a dark hole just eager to get your dick wet. I know a lot of you on here know what I'm talking about. But most of you probably like being that wet mouth lol. Dark rooms, air filled with the smell of poppers and cum. These scenes always get my blood going. Jax loves glory holes. His moth waters so much when he's at one. It makes his dick leek with precum uncontrollably too. Watch us pain each other's face in thick cum. I love how hard he shoots.

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So my bud Jax is really into gear. He has a total gear fetish. He loves to use my ass in his football gear. So this morning he woke me up and fucked my throat and my ass while he was all geared up. Shot cum all over my ass and shoved his dick back in! I love being his little cum dump!

So I've been trying to round up some of you guys old favorites! Archer is finally single again. Not that it stopped us from fucking but it did stop it from being shared with you dudes. Lol. But now he is as free as a bird! Archer says I give the best head anyone would probably ever give him. I love it when he is layin around playin video games in his boxers. I'm always snapping pix of him. He never gets tired of it just like he never gets tired of me getting him off!

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