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Follow me discreetly to make me cum

I've been hanging out with these scally guys from my building for a few days now. They're macho but nice. The other day, one of them asked me to discreetly follow him so I could suck his dick. He'd seen my videos, picked up on the fact that I love cock and got turned on. We had to be quick because the other guy was waiting for us outside. No worries: I got down on my knees and in 5 minutes I had him squirting. I loved the taste of his cum.

Do you like fucking mouths?

My moods change from day to day. Sometimes I want to suck quietly and sometimes I want someone to fuck my mouth hard. Yesterday it was the second option. I needed a dominant guy to fuck my mouth so I went looking for that. My sucking skills have earned me quite a reputation and I found a cock quickly. I don't think this guy was disappointed : I gorged myself! And he gave me the dose of dick I needed with great loads at the end.

I'm always up for a late-night fuck

Most people are in bed past midnight. It's only then that I often get the burning desire to get fucked. There are fewer guys late at night, but I still find them. And often it's the best sex. There's something hot about going out at 1 a.m. to suck a dick and take it up the ass. There's no inhibition, you just let yourself go. A good example is this guy who put it right up my ass and kept me going until dawn.

Worship it on the floor

This guy likes to get sucked standing up. That's what gets his dick hard: having a guy on his knees sucking his dick, then having the guy end up on the floor, crawling in front of his dick, begging for cum. I love that kind of hookup, because dom guys really turn me on. I applied myself well, I was prostrate in front of his dick and then when he released his cum I loved it! We were clearly compatible.

Can I bring in a second guy?

I love sucking and getting fucked by this guy with long blond hair. He knows me well, he knows I love cock. He offered to invite a second guy. According to him, good things are shared... A second guy arrived and the handsome blond fucked him in front of me! But then they teamed up to cum on me. I loved it.

Come and film me fucking him outdoor

After I fucked with this dom dude, I made friends with him. He knows I do porn and asked me to come and film him as he was about to dominate and fuck a bottom outside. My voyeuristic side couldn't resist. I found him near a railroad track where he was directing in a very hard way a bottom completely offered to him. I filmed them and I think it made the bottom even wetter. An exhibition moment that lasted from the afternoon to the end of the night!

Want a gay breeding in my cabin?

This handsome guy with long hair lives cut off from the world in a cabin. While I was away for the weekend, I came across him and he really had his balls full and needed to get laid. I had to help him. I gave him a good blowjob in his cabin and then let him have fun with my ass. His cock was thick and powerful and he came hard and continued to fuck me, pushing cum into me.

Let's jerk off

I was with a buddy in the car and I had a huge sexual urge. I got my dick out and we went over to his place to jerk off. We're the same, we want to spurt all the time. There's nothing wrong with spitting all the time, is there? By the way, we sucked each other's dicks. It's good to have buddies who are as sex maniacs as I am.

Dude, your ass is so open !

I know I've got a very big cock and I usually have to prepare botttoms well before fucking them hard. But this guy was a real treat: his ass was wide open! He was thirsty for cock, it was crazy. I was able to pound him right from the start and the more I stuffed him, the deeper his hole sucked my dick. I was able to go down hard and for a long time, because in addition to being so opened, he had perfect stamina.

Take the best and start again !

New is good, but sometimes a sure thing is better! This weekend I decided to recontact one of the best bottom and one of the best top guys I'd ever fucked. No disappointment possible. First I went to the bottom's place, who has one of the best ass I've ever fucked. Super open, hot, eager for cum. A pleasure to fill. Then I went to my dom buddy who once again put me to good use with his big rod and fucked me hard. All 10/10!

He's not my type but he really turns me on

I'm sure you already experienced it: you meet a guy, physically he's not your style but he manages to turn you on so much you end up wanting to be his. It happened to me with this guy who, frankly, I didn't fancy. But the dirty look in his eyes and the stern way he made me suck his dick drove me completely crazy. Plus, like me, he loves to film during sex and filmed me well while I was at his feet worshipping his dick, begging for cum.

Do you blow me for my social networks?
Do you blow me for my social networks?

This guy had just launched his social networking porn and was looking for a very exposed sucker to make content. I'm a real porn influencer and I'm out there, so I went for it. My goal was to give him the best possible scene, and I didn't go halfway: I let him film me giving him blowjobs in his car, and then I sucked him off at home, watching the camera.