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Guess what I did all weekend? You know me: I spent Saturday and Sunday sucking dicks and swallowing cum. Look at that! First I went to a guy who put me directly at the service of his dick and pushed me to suck it fast and swallow it all. Then another guy was more in quiet mode and let me show him my skills. With my mouth and hands I made him go wild. I was well fed.

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As two beings can be made for each other, some big cocks seem to be made to fuck some hungry ass. Such is the case with these two. I watched these guys fucking in an abandoned car park and filmed it, and I must admit, I got a serious hard-on. The top guy had a thick, sublime cock that perfectly penetrated the bottom guy's greedy ass, making him look like he was sucking it. All I wanted was to see the cock buried deep inside!

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This very sexy black guy invited me for a day of gay sex. He blindfolded himself with his cap and wanted to experiment. Not seeing anything heightened his senses tenfold and made him super horny. He loved the feeling when I jerked both our cocks together and when I made him suck me off. He was so turned on that all of a sudden he turned me around and fucked my ass hard and still without seeing anything!

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When it's the weekend many gays feel they need cum. Here are some juicy shots. The first with a twink we filmed with a buddy. He was so horny to be filmed sucking two big cocks. He let go and we let go of our cum on his little ass. All this made me want to suck too and I didn't hold back! Then I ended up breeding a new bottom. Give and take, that's the cycle of life!

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A straightforward guy like I like: this guy invited me to his place, straightforward hookup, he was waiting for me on the sofa and all I had to do was get between his thighs and worship him. He didn't gave me any consideration, he just used me as a cock pump and I did my best to get him hard and try to drain all his cum. It still turns me on to just be treated like a good cum dump.

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This ginger gay dom guy offered to test me: if I passed my oral entrance exam and sucked him perfectly, he'd introduce me to his buddies. Obviously, I gave it my all. No need to revise: sucking cock and making them come is in my blood! I showed him my techniques, my stamina, I was unfailingly obedient. And when he came, I swallowed and cleaned up. He was satisfied, he saved my contact, I think I deserved a mention haha.

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I admit I find it hard to resist a bottom twink who doesn't have any hair on his body. This guy had a slim, completely smooth body with a well-opened hole. A real fuck machine! Addicted to big cock, he sucked me off, showing how much he needed me to stick it up his ass and use him to empty my balls. His ass was a total delight, just tight enough, comfortable, thirsty for cum.

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This guy said on his profile that he had an XXL cock and he wasn't lying. Just at rest the length of his cock was impressive and when he got hard I was thirsty. There's no doubt in my mind: long dicks are clearly the best. You see the thing: they're not too thick, but they're full of inches, so they fit right in your mouth. This guy was craving more of a soft, veiny cock. I didn't want to let go and keep it in my throat, I loved the sensation and the taste too much. He sensed that I loved it and released his cum straight into my mouth... but even with my mouth full of his cum I could not stop myself from continuing to suck.

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I have to admit I love gaymers. Geeky gays who play video games and like to get their dicks sucked while they play, that gets me horny ! I went over to this guy's place and when he pulled out his dick I was in heaven: what a cock! Super long, it made its way into my mouth and I enjoyed it. The guy had other desires: to have his feet licked and also to have his hole caressed. I loved serving him.

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This guy was straightforward: his thing is to fuck a mouth. Not getting sucked, fucking a mouth, super deep and hard. He warned me he was ruthless. I wanted it. He was waiting for me standing up, his ultra thick, hard cock proudly waiting for me. Naturally, I got down on my knees and let him take control of my mouth. I've rarely been fucked like that. I didn't have time to catch my breath, I drooled like crazy. It was super hard... and I loved it.

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This dominant guy suggested I come over to his place in the morning and have some direct and hard sex. I didn't even have time to say hello before he started fucking my mouth! He pounded my face super deep and mercilessly and I have to admit it turned me on. When he put me on his bed and spread my legs, I knew I was in for a real treat! He fucked the dick out of me and when he thought he'd had enough, he put me back on my knees and decided to cum into my mouth. Then he put me out. What a macho...

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This handsome black guy with a magnificent cock gave me an appointment at his place. He warned me that he was waiting for me sitting down, cock hard and that I should get down on the floor to suck. I obeyed with pleasure and loved having him in my mouth. He had a super hard-on and wanted to fuck me. I said yes and he filled my ass with his cum. That quick hookup whetted my appetite: I was still craving anal sex and I met other guys afterwards...